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Chocolatine ou Pain au Chocolat?

TLDR: It's "chocolatine".

You might have encoutered both terms "chocolatine" and "pain au chocolat." While they both refer to the same pastry, only one is in common use: "chocolatine." The term "pain au chocolat" is the official term, but it is seldom used in spoken language. Almost everyone in France calls the delicious pastry "chocolatine."

What about other French-speaking countries? Quebec also calls the pastry "chocolatine." I am not sure about other countries, so please use the email below to let me know!

What about in English, is it also "chocolatine?"

We've heard it called "chocolate croissant". This is a bit strange because a "croissant" is shaped like a "cresent" (hence its name), but it's OK! But chocolatine would work just as well!

What about the official version

The French National Assembly amendment 2064 says it's Chocolatine: (In French).

How to pronounce it?

Listen to the audio below:

Tourists pay more. It's chocolatine!

Read the article (in French)

Read the CNN article


Old newspapers

old newspaper articles


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